TV Bumper

A motion graphic tv bumper influenced by 90's kids channel ads.

SKILLS: Motion Graphics, Video Editing, Graphic Design

Company Promo & Agency Logo

A 2D animation promoting a music photography archive, followed by an original agency logo animation.

SKILLS: Motion Graphic Design
AUDIO: "Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio?" by The Ramones

Projection Mapping

A compilation of various projection installations and live visual performances.

SKILLS: Motion Graphics, Projection Mapping
AUDIO: "Please Do Not Listen to This Song" by Wonda

PSA Animation

A concious animation with original illustration promoting the conservancy of wildlife.

SKILLS: Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
AUDIO: Sound Design by Thomas Shaver

Website Promo

An energetic motion graphic animation with original illustrations designed to encourage targeted users.

SKILLS: Motion Graphics, Graphic Design
AUDIO: "Sunday Best" by You Love Her Coz She's Dead (Mr. Kitty Remix)